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Welcome to Devcorp International. We are a top company and an independent finance services provider and we offer the right commercial loan for your circumstance(s).

We offer a wide range of Financial Services including Business Planning, Commercial and Development Finance, business and personal loan, non-regulated Buy to sell properties loan and Bridging Finance.

Devcorp International specializes in finding a way through red tape to secure the necessary funding for your business. Whether you are starting up a new business or is a going concern looking for additional funding to expand, Devcorp International can help. We work closely with all types of businesses as a lender or special purpose vehicle (SPV).

Our team of experienced Commercial Managers will handle your case with care and attention. We have long standing relationship with known financial institutions, private lenders governed by the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Devcorp International is a major lender and Master Brokers who work directly with private Lenders from all over the world. Many of the private Lenders on our panel visit our premises to review applications and determine which project they can fund.

We have a team of highly experienced underwriters - all with many years banking experience with major Banks. We aim to provide investors and businesses with an advice led, personal service that seeks the best commercial finance terms for each applicant's own circumstances.

We will be involved from the initial contact through to the completion of the loan and we will work with the applicant to secure adequate security as required by the private investors to ensure a smooth, fast, and trouble-free route to completion of the loan. With our years of experience in the financial industry we aim to provide the highest level of services possible. Devcorp International was set up to help businesses achieve their financial goals. Our procedures are straight forward and transparent.

We have a strong personalized service ethos based on the FSA's , DIFC, principles of 'Treating Customers Fairly'. We derive appropriate authorities from Office of Fair Trading and Information Commissioner's Office.

Devcorp International is made up of a team of experienced professionals with wealth of experience in the Financial Markets who have been involved, at some point in their career, in project management and financing over two decades. The company has a leading edge in securing the highest quality of assets, limiting investment risks and optimizing results. We specialize in securing placements needs that yield higher returns. The company understands that every strategy and solution involves unique financial requirements with varying risk profiles.

Devcorp International team is made up of different units with diversified operations, in association with different networks. We provide a comprehensive service to our clients. Our professional management team brings executive level experience from top tier Investment Banking firms with expertise from industries and world leading Accounting Firms, Stock Exchange, Consulting.

Firms, serving clients on all continents especially the emerging markets. Our Mission! At Devcorp International, we strive to sustain profitable growth by providing first class services to all our client and customers.

We are constantly seeking and researching into new ideas, and the utilization of the latest financial engineering to be able to achieve our mission. We take pride in finding the best solution for the most demanding investment profile by combining the most advanced finance products with challenging asset management. Devcorp International’s goal is to create a niche for itself in the global credit market, including fund management and allied services. We achieve this through the effective deployment of our highly credentialed team, methodologies and industry/project experiences.


The funding objective of our company is to deliver consistent absolute returns by actively investing in a diversified portfolio of Fixed Income Securities, including bond, loans and asset-backed securities including structured finance securities, Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit, denominated in major currencies.
Maximize your earning potential - earn more from your customer base.
Flexibility - We are happy to deal with you on behalf of your client or with your client directly.
Efficiency - Let our specialists ensure your client gets the high level of service they expect.
Simplicity - Because we have access to all the key lending, we are a one stop shop for you or your clients.
Client retention - The client remains yours and we will never cross sell or pass on their details to third parties. This is our assurance to brokers.