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We provide funding for projects in developing countries that are tagged humanitarian in as long as this will lead to eliminating the suffering and the hardship of life of citizens of such developing countries.


Devcorp International assists clients in the process of inheritance claims and also manages such funds towards maximum returns to our clients.


At Devcorp International, our team of consultants are available to assist in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic corporate finance, Restructuring, Joint ventures and strategic partnerships, Capital structuring, equity, debt management etc.


Devcorp International, we take custody of precious materials like Gold, Diamond, Sappier, Emerald etc. Such are preserved in our high-tech safe with 100% guarantee to safeguard and secure the quality of materials. We also handle shipment of these materials to anywhere around the world using the best and most secured means with timely ETA. No one does such cargo shipment better than us because we track consignment every 30 minutes using the best devices.


Once a business has identified it has a requirement to expand, grow, develop or increase turnover it usually requires additional working capital such as a business loan or a commercial loan to reach the next stage. The first port of call for almost every business is to its current bank. As we all know High Street Banks are great but do not always meet the requirements of each and every business customer. We have developed a process that is simplified to business.


Development loans allow you to raise the capital required to finance a property development project. With a development loan you can move forward with the development and start to make real progress towards your goals.


We arrange short term loans more commonly known as bridging finance. A bridging loan can provide fast access to funding when it is needed most.


Secured loans are an established part of the mortgage lending market and they can provide a useful source of additional finance. The security for second charge loans is the borrower's existing property, and the loan is made in addition to the first charge mortgage loan with which the borrower purchased or re-mortgaged the property.


We arrange funding for small, medium and mega projects on 80% LTV depending on funding appraisal report from our experts. Repayment range from 1 - 15 years